Info for Mobile Home Owners



It’s important to winterize your mobile home at the end of the summer season to help ensure there’s no frost damage during the winter months. We have put together a guide to help you drain your mobile home for winter. Please note that this is just a simple guide and that if you are unsure you can always request a demo from a member of our team.

Guidelines for draining of your mobile home

Step 1: Close main water valve under mobile home. (if valve is damaged – contact Park Manager)

Step 2: Open ALL taps inside mobile home (kitchen sink, bathroom basin and shower)

Step 3: Open drainage valves under the mobile home (minimum 2)

pic1          pic2

Step 4: Drain your boiler (remove drainage screw from the boiler)

pic3          pic4

Release the drain plug which can be seen from under the boiler

Step 5: After water stops dripping out of drainage valves, close all taps inside mobile home to prevent

flooding and leave drainage valves and screw in the boiler open throughout winter.

Customers with thermostatic shower valve:

–        follow step 1, 2 and 3

–        Remove the shower hose from the mixer or lay the shower head and hose in the shower tray to drain of any trapped water

–        Turn the bottom water flow control valve fully open

–        Turn the control knob of the top thermostatic valve fully clockwise to drain cold water until water stops flowing

–        Push in the red temperature set button on the thermostatic control knob and turn the control knob fully anti-clockwise to drain the hot water side until water stops flowing.

–        Leave the bottom flow control valve in “H” position (mid open)

–        Proceed with remaining steps (4 and 5)

Customers with kombi boilers (central heating units):

–        Check your boiler manual for detailed information

–        Leave gas and electricity turned on throughout the winter as the boiler has “antifreeze mode” to prevent frost damage

–        Never drain central heating circuit as it is filled with antifreeze liquid (antifreeze is coloured). If you accidentally drain your heating system – contact Smyth Leisure immediately for refill of antifreeze in to your system.

All above are only guidelines. For detailed procedure check your User manual which came with your mobile home. Smyth Leisure or management of any Smyth Leisure Holiday Parks can not be held responsible for any frost damage affecting your mobile home.